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valeriart's Journal

Live Through This
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2012 theories, a softer world, african dance, african drumming, alcohol, almodovar, alternative medicine, anais nin, anita berber, antonin artaud, anxiety culture (the website), bicycling, binaural beats, black cat white cat, blood, burlesque, butoh, caberets, catharsis, chaos theory, chuck palahniuk, classical music, clove, cocorosie, consciousness, contact improvisation, crying, culture jamming, dada, dark alleys, dark humor, delicatessen, die form, drawing restraint 9, drum circles, dryer lint, dumpster diving, eastern europe, egon schiele, flamenco, floating in the ocean, foreign films, frankincense, gender studies, genderqueer, georges bataille, german abstract expressionism, godard, guerilla gardening, gustav klimt, guy maddin, gypsies, gypsy culture, hecate, herbs, hot water, jasmine green tea, jazz, jim jarmusch, joanna newsom, john waters, kandinsky, l'auberge espagnole, latin dance, latin music, linguistics, lucid dreaming, meditation, metaphysics, middle eastern dance, middle eastern music, mint, nature, neurotransmitters, nick cave, npr, ocean, orange, papua new guinea, parapsychology, passion de jeanne d’arc, patchouli., perception, performance art, philosophy, post secret, post-apocalypticism, printmaking, psychology, rasputina, religion, remote viewing, restlessness, reusability, risky behavior, sadomasochism, sexuality in ancient cultures, shamanism, sitting in the dryer, steampunk, synonyms, tarot, terrence mckenna, the 1920's, the dreamers, the exiles, the legendary pink dots, the stooges (iggy pop), to-kill a petty bourgeois, transcendance, transgenderism, trash, tribal life, unwashed hair, used bookstores, valeria messalina, vintage erotica, weimer-era germany